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Short Order Slam

The steaks are high. So relish the moment. Just keep calm and curry on.

Our first major game for smartphones and tablets is about to be releashed to chefs everywhere.

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We are a group of college students from around the world.

And we're building one of the most unique and inspirational businesses you've ever heard of.

We are students who are working on amazing things, defying the odds along the way.







It's Not Just Software

A lookback video on what we've learned.

It has been three years since Omirown first started in a Colorado bedroom. Here's a not-so conventional lookback on what we've learned from our adventures in the world.

Celebrating Three Years of Omirown

Time flies when you're challenging reality.

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Omirown Press Department

February 2015

02/22/15 -

02/02/15 -

Omirown posted new internship positions for University of Northern Colorado students. The Omirown Internship Progam continues the historic achievements of last year's growth, as Omirown became the first completely student-led college led startup in Colorado.

Short Order Slam gained 1,000 active users after being available on the App Store for one month.


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